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Model: MCn/ CERES
Model: MEn/ ERMES
Model: MSn/ SIRIO
Models: MZs/ MZsa/ ZEUS SUPER
Model: MTs/ TITANO
Model: MTx/ Multi-row stone burier
Model: SEMz/ Multi-row rototiller for seeding
Multi-row rototillers on special sale
Download the catalogue of Multi-Row rototillers.
Multi-Row rototillers
The multi-row rototiller performs an intense mechanical weedkilling between the rows of crops at a speed up to 6/10 Km/h, pulverizing the soil without damaging the plants.
The working units, in addition to handling the destruction of nearly 100% of the weeds, are also able to perform a proper refinement of the soil surface. Furthermore the multi-row rototiller allows to do ground levelling in order to improve the action of harvesting machines.
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